Foods that are Harmful to the Heart

Top 10 Worst Foods that are Harmful to the Heart

Top 10 Worst Foods that are Harmful to the Heart

The heart is the most important organ of the body and today I’m going to discuss about Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

Foods that are Harmful to the Heart

Foods that are Harmful to the Heart (1)

There are certain Foods that are Harmful to the Heart health. They disrupt blood circulation and cause complex physical problems. Cholesterol is high in animal foods such as egg yolks and meat. Foods from plants are cholesterol free

A heart attack is organized while normal blood circulation is impeded or stops blood flow suddenly in any blood vessel of the heart. Blood vessels become narrow due to the accumulation of fat in blood vessels. For these reasons, to eliminate the danger of heart problems, you have to avoid or omit these Foods that are Harmful to the Heart. Here are top 10 foods mentioned below –

1) Liver, Brain, and Bone Marrow: 

Eating excessively liver, brain, and bone marrow can expand the danger of heart issues. Rich in cholesterol, saturated fats, and other components in these meat organs play a vital role to damage your heart health. 

A well balanced and disciplined diet is necessary to managing cardiovascular health while consuming these tasty and rich in nutrients foods. So, it will be better for people with heart disease to avoid liver, brain, or nihari foods. Above mentioned foods are the most dangerous among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

2) Prawns: 

Another avoidable food for heart patients is prawns. Though prawns carry low fat and calories, they carry a huge amount of cholesterol, which is very harmful for your heart health. You will be surprised to know that per 3.5 ounce of cooked salmon fish carries only 62 mg cholesterol but the same amount of prawns carry 189 mg cholesterol

I think all you realized is that consumption of excessive prawns is harmful for the heart. We will try to avoid this food always. Prawns are also the most harmful foods among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

3) Fish Head-Roe: 

Fish Head-Roe is also a harmful food among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart. Because, fish head or fish roe is a source of LDL, harmful cholesterol, and triglycerides, which increase the blood lipid profile. Frequent consumption of fish head-roe would be dangerous for heart health for its rich cholesterol levels. 

Also, the fish head-ore contains a huge number of fats, which contribute to increased cholesterol levels, elevating the danger of cardiovascular problems. Although fish provide us with crucial nutrients, endurance is necessary to enjoy its advantages except compromising heart health.

4) Fast food: 

Fast food

According to a report in the Journal of the American Heart Association, people who regularly eat fast food once a week are 20% more likely to die of heart disease than others. For those who eat more than once, i.e., two/three times, the rate is higher – 50%. 

Not only that but for those who eat fast food four or more times a week, the risk is more than 80%. Nowadays, fast foods are the most common but dangerous foods among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

5) Egg Yolk: 

Although egg white can be eaten, it is better to avoid egg yolk for heart patients. Because egg yolk has high cholesterol. A deep research said that a big size of chicken eggs carries on average 186 mg cholesterol, where a heart patient shouldn’t eat more than 200 mg in a day. So, this food is also vastly avoidable for heart patients. Though this food is a great source of nutrients but also harmful among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart

6) Ghee-Butter: 

Though ghee-butter is an essential component among the best cuisine of the East. But, these components are rich in saturated fat. A nutritionist named Wahida Karmali from Columbia University said that these components contain palmitic acid, which impedes the blood circulation in the artery or blockage. 

And, for that cause these foods are considered injurious for heart health or one of among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart. Heart patients who are experiencing chronic heart issues, all of them must avoid these foods. The replacement of these foods can be used margarine, olive oil or sunflower oil. 

7) Coconut: 

From a deep research between Singapore and Hong Kong, it has been observed that the death rate of people by heart attack in Singapore is less than in Hong Kong. You will be surprised to know that it is three times less than Hong Kong.

As per the statistics report, the chief cause of this historic variation is precautionary eating habits of palm and coconut oil in Singaporeans in their daily meals. Statistics say that coconut oil contains 85 – 90 % saturated fats, which is great injurious for heart patients.

8) Overfried and Oily Food: 

One thing to remember is that most of the delicious foods are harmful to the body. Fried or deep-fried foods are among them. Almost all types of fried foods are delicious and for this reason many people are fond of this kind of food. 

But remember that more fried foods are less nutritious. Besides, harmful fats are added to it. Sometimes the foods become calorie less. Now, just think about how this kind of food is harmful for your heart or overall health. You might have seen it, when frying meat or something, you will see a lot of bubbles in the oil. 

This is because the water contained in the food is released into the oil, and the heat and pressure of the oil cause it to dry out. When the water from the deep fryer dries completely, the bubbling stops. Oil enters the food instead of water. 

So meat or such foods already contain saturated fat, adding oil to it increases the amount of fat. All of these above mentioned reasons this is considered as a most dangerous food among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

9) Red Meat: 

Too much red meat causes heart disease; this is not new information. But it’s not just because of the fat or cholesterol in red meat, recent studies have shown that red meat breaks down into a compound called carnitine in the body, which releases trimethylamine N oxide. 

And this trimethylamine has an active role in atherosclerosis or blockage of the arteries. For this reason all nutritionists and doctors suggest avoiding red meat for heart patients and also red meat is one the most harmful foods among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart.

10) Cakes, Pastries, Puddings, and Ice-Cream:

And sugar enlarges the danger of heart attack, even it can be happen in those who are not overweight or obese. According to the report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the link between heart problems and sugar is not sure or clear, but it is declared that sugary drinks raise the blood pressure. 

Besides, Raise the activity of the liver, which helps to detach bad cholesterol or fats from the blood. And these two factors are the catalysts behind heart disease. Dietary changes are inevitable to reduce the risk of heart disease

Animals with more legs have more bad cholesterol in their bodies. Shrimp, crab, cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, etc. we can mention these as examples. These foods are also dangerous among the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart. 

So, to avoid the danger of heart problems, avoid foods which are made from mentioned animals from your daily meal. Try to consume a balanced diet regularly. To stay in a secure zone from the danger of heart problems, you must pursue a particular food or diet list. 


Thanks for reading the entire article with painstaking attention. This article is written based on various sources of information. From today’s article, you have come to know the Foods that are Harmful to the Heart. I hope everyone will become aware today and avoid these foods to keep their hearts healthy and strong. 

If you really have a heart problem, then first of all, take the advice of a specialist doctor. Don’t do anything by yourself. Thanks again, I’ll end here today. It will be discussed again in another article. Until then, everyone stays healthy, and well.

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