How to Improve Brain Performance

9 Best Steps For How to Improve Brain Performance

How to Improve Brain Performance

Different people try different ways to increase brain power. Mothers put various foods in their babies’ diets to increase their children’s brain power. But not only food, there are other ways you can boost brain power. Let’s find out How to Improve Brain Performance easily-

9 Important Steps How to Improve Brain Performance

9 Important Steps How to Improve Brain Performance

Brain Exercise:

Your brain is like a machine, as a result “The more you try to use your brain, the more this will work”. The more you utilize it, the more energy will enlarge. So, always try to think about new things, and try to reimagine old memories. Your brain will be very active. And, always remember about How to Improve Brain Performance.

Reading Books:

Reading Books:

Almost all famous people’s biographies reveal that one thing they all had in common was that they all read a lot of books. Reading is the best brain exercise. Reading books helps keep the nerves of the brain active. Even reading a newspaper or magazine in your spare time is good exercise for your brain. It also improves memory.

Puzzles or Word Games:

Research shows that people who regularly engage in crosswords, puzzles, Scrabble, or Sudoku have better brain function than others. When playing, all the nerves in the brain are activated, which helps improve memory. Also, they do not suffer from memory impairment. This is a most interesting way of How to Improve Brain Performance.

Do Something New /Special:

Do Something New Special

If you are aware about How to Improve Brain Performance. Don’t lock yourself into a task. Break away from your usual habits and try something new. New tasks will stimulate the brain. It increases intelligence and makes the brain more functional. For example, you may wake up every morning and brush your right hand, and you may use your mobile more with your right hand. You can use your left hand without doing it tomorrow, even if it involves new or different work.

Learning and Writing New Languages:

Learning and writing a new language increases your confidence and reduces the chance of memory loss. Learning, understanding, and practicing a new language improve brain function, which prevents memory loss. This method one of the most effective way of How to Improve Brain Performance.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise is one of most crucial way of How to Improve Brain Performance. Scientifically proven it that, exercise improves brain activity. When you are physically active or in exercise the supply of oxygen to your brain increase. And it helps to improve your brain performance.

Moderate Sleep:

A moderate amount of sleep every day is very effective in keeping the brain active. The brain rests during sleep. For the reason it is also an important way of How to Improve Brain Performance. And no matter what we do, study, or whatever we do throughout the day when we sleep, that information is permanently converted into our brain. Adults need eight hours of sleep daily. Sleep is called a memory charger. During sleep, your brain prepares itself for the next memory.

Stop Using the Calculator:

Stop Using the Calculator

Stop using calculators to do small calculations. Dependence on electronic devices or calculators makes our brains lazy. It is responsible for spoiling our brain’s performance.

Healthy Food:

Along with above mentioned method a healthy food is also essential about How to Improve Brain Performance. Just like our body needs fuel to work properly, like that our brain also need fuel, to work our brain properly? Everybody we know that fish, vegetables, and fruits are useful for our health. Foods rich in omega-3 along with fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, spinach, sweet pumpkin seeds, sea fish, colorful fruits, green tea, etc., help increase brain function.

Food for Improving Brain Performance

Food for Improving Brain Performance

What Does Brain Food Mean?

Research has proven that brain food really does exist. Those food can positive effect on the brain are called brain food. If you are aware about “How to Improve Brain Performance” Then below are ideas about brain foods that, if eaten regularly and in moderation, will make your brain work better than before.

Seafood and Fish Oil:

Seafood and Fish Oil:

Most of the human head is fat. This fat is found in good amounts in seafood. Fish oil helps to build brain cells, decrease brain inflammation, and also protect the brain. Not only have that, fish oil accommodated omega-3, which is advantageous for our brain. And, for these valuable reasons seafood is one of the top item to How to Improve Brain Performance. You can eat anything from pomfret fish to other sea fish. In addition, Hilsa fish and shrimp are also good. So you can eat this fish too.


Almonds are very good food for the brain. Because it is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fat, and beneficial minerals. It helps to improve memory. Nuts in the diet will increase brain cells.

The Water:

The Water

75 percent of the brain is water. For the reason it is logical that lack of water in our body can decrease the brain function. Dehydration can conduct to decrease short-term memory loss, obstruct decision-making, and decrease attentiveness.


Bananas are enrich in Vitamins-B and magnesium, which help in nerve impulse circulation and keep our brain cool.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate are rich in Flavonoids, which are strong “anti-oxidants” and “anti-inflammatory compounds”. Dark chocolate has a vital part in improving memory and learning, increasing brain blood circulation, and saving neurons. American nutritionist Megan Wang, RD, recommends choosing dark chocolate that contains 70 percent cocoa.

Green Tea, Tea, and Coffee:

Green Tea, Tea, and Coffee:

Green tea, tea, and coffee help us to stay alert, increase brain performance, and prevention Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have indicated that frequent coffee use can ward off dementia. Coffee acts as a ‘psych stimulant’ i.e., it speeds up the processing of new information. And this effect persists even after drinking the coffee. Also, the role of ‘caffeine’ in removing the toxic substances created in the brain is significant. And, of all these reasons this kind of drinks are valuable about How to Improve Brain Performance.

The Liver:

Meat liver contains iron and vitamin B, which are beneficial for the brain. Also, various vegetables, spinach, various fruits, sea fish, nuts, oil seeds, beans, etc. are beneficial for the brain.

The Egg:

There is a substance called ‘choline’ in eggs that is very important for the ‘transmission’ of nerve cells. Additionally, this component improves memory and supports brain health. It also has a role in increasing attention.

Sweet Pumpkin Seeds:

A crucial mineral for memory enhancement is zinc. Sweet pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and other beneficial minerals. It contributes to maintaining brain health.

Unrefined Grain Foods:

These foods contain a lot of dietary fiber, which has a low glycemic index. These beneficial ingredients help increase brain performance. Red flour bread, red rice, oats, etc. are beneficial foods for the brain.

The Carrot:

We know that carrots are known as a healthy for the eyes, but there are a few number of people are aware about its positive effects on the brain. Carrots are rich in Lute Olin, may decrease the age-related memory loss and brain inflammation.



Spinach is very beneficial for the brain. Spinach also helps keep the brain healthy. It has nutrients including foliate, lutein, and beta-carotene that lessen amnesia.

Citrus Fruit:

Lemons and oranges are examples of citrus fruits that are healthy for the brain. Research shows that people who eat citrus fruits daily have sharper brains. So keep such citrus fruits in your diet.


From today’s article we have learnt about How to Improve Brain Performance. The article is written based on various sources. That’s why; you should not do anything by yourself based on this article. First you have to consult an expert. We will talk about a new topic in another article, till then stay healthy.

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