Causes of Brain Damage

15 Most Harmful Causes Of Brain Damage

What is the Brain?

Brain is the part of the middle nervous system that is accommodated within the skull. The brain is a compound organ detected inside the skull, and it dominates the functions of our nervous system. The brain manages our pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes happiness and unhappiness, anger and jealousy, avidity, and satisfaction. And these are the reasons to be aware of Causes of brain damage.

The major organ of the human nervous system is the brain, which is responsible for most of our entire functions, activity information from both inside and outside the body, and controls our emotions and analytic abilities, such as long-term and short-term.

Brain size depends on position, gender, and entire body mass. However,   research said that “Average adult male brain weighs around 1,336 and the average adult female brain weighs around 1,198 grams”.

What Is The Vital Role Of The Brain?

What Is The Vital Role Of The Brain

The leading function of the human brain is to command and manage all nervous system activity, and the pillar of our mind. Normally brain is a part of the pivotal nervous system. Normally the human brain is reckoned as a giant computer that manages our entire body. All emotions and thoughts of our mind are also controlled by the brain. This is why, we have to be aware about Causes of brain damage

All sensitive information accepted by our body is dispatched to the brain via neurons (Nerve Cells). Our brain allows us to talking, moving, and understanding the environment around us.

Our brain helps us to solve our problems, to protect ourselves, and others. It permits us to connect with one another, do math, or just go about life in general.

So, we can say that the brain is the chief vital organ of the body and it works to manage all the other parts of the body, it also directs the physical situation or the body like temperature, and also manages internal parts like pressure, blood, hemoglobin, etc.

Bad Habits That Causes of brain damage

Bad Habits That Cause Brain Damage

Can’t I remember everything like before? Don’t you remember where you put things? Or can you not remember the name of a dear friend? It seems that the brain suddenly loses its function due to age. It’s true that the brain is losing its efficiency, but you are responsible for it! We have some bad habits due to which our brain is constantly losing efficiency. They are discussed below Causes of brain damage:

Excessive Smoking

Smoking excessive is most vital cause among of the Causes of brain damage. In the report of Neurochemistry, brain damage and smoking are intimately related. According to the research report, tobacco damages the nervous system by influencing white blood cells. This directly affects the brain. In addition, indirect smoking is also harmful to the brain. Children who are indirectly exposed to smoking have a relatively poorer memory than other children.

Being in Extra Darkness

The habit of staying in excessive darkness seriously damages the brain. This habit creates depression in the mind. This depression slows down brain function. This is why the suicide rate is high in cold countries. Our brains work best when exposed to natural light.

Not Eating Vitamin B12

According to NYU Lang one Medical Center, a lack of vitamin B12 can cause the brain to not function properly. And, it is also a crucial cause of the Causes of brain damage. Memory loss and mental instability are mainly due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is primarily obtained from animal foods, like selfish, sea fish, liver, etc.

Eating Excess Sugary Foods

Consume of excess sugary foods is also one of the most critical cause of the Causes of brain damage. Depression, forgetfulness, overeating, low brain activity, etc. are all intimately related with eating too much sugary foods or sugar. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture’s study, Americans eat around 156 pounds per year. Eating a long-term amount of sugar or sugary foods can reduce brain activity and cause of memory loss.

Sleep Problems

An adequate amount of sleep helps in the formation of cells in various organs of the body. Long-term insomnia gradually destroys brain function. And for this reason, generally doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep per day. This sleep works as a power-house, for the next day’s work.

Listening to Loud Music

Listening to loud music for hours on end with big headphones in your ears can be one of the Causes of brain damage. A person can totally lose hearing if exposed to very high levels of noise for 30 minutes directly. Along with hearing loss, memory loss can also occur. Brain tissue can also be damaged.

Don’t Have Breakfast

This bad habit also a cause of the Causes of brain damage. Many people start their day without breakfast. This bad habit is affecting a lot of damage to your brain. One of the vital reasons of blood sugar levels dropping in our body is skipping breakfast. And due to this, the body lacks essential nutrients. Try to eat nutritious food for breakfast.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise- It is a common and most important issue of occurring various types of disease and also the cause of the Causes of brain damage. Paucity of consistent exercise and physical activity extend the risk of dementia. It expand the danger of brain diseases, and also expand the danger of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. And all these diseases are related to Alzheimer’s.

Overeating Habits

We know that food is healthy, but excess eating food can be the cause of brain damage. And this bad habit influences the memory and ability of thinking. Long-term overeating can cause people to get critically obese that can be the cause of Alzheimer’s-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Over eating and obesity is also most dangerous cause of the Causes of brain damage.

Lack of Natural Light

Lack of sufficient natural light can be the cause of mental disorders, like depression that slows the brain. Research says that our brain will work better when there is natural light.

Junk Food

Do you know what happens when your body can’t get the nutrition it needs? Lacking sufficient nutrition, body cells die slowly. Eating junk food in a range of restraint can’t damage the brain. But with the regular consumption of junk food, the body can’t gather essential nutrition. And for this reason, the brain cannot work properly.

More Screen Time

Excess ‘screen time’ also seriously damages the brain in many ways of the Causes of brain damage. Sitting in front of the laptop all the time while going to the office, watching web series on the mobile even after returning home – all in all, most of the time of the day is spent in front of the screen. The brain and eyes functionality decrease harmful.. The more screen time we spend, the less we talk to others, the less we focus on other tasks and the brain slowly stagnates.

Refrain From Reading

According to a report of the French National Institute, 18% people lose their memory due to long-term break from reading. Regular reading increases the ability of the brain to multitask. As stated by neurologists, the brain is always ready to receive new things. We should give the brain frequently new information, to increase the performance of the brain. Specialists suggest reading at least 30 minutes before going to bed. You can think it as a brain exercise.

Excessive Aloneness/Loneliness

Aloneness or loneliness is also the important cause of the Causes of brain damage. Although nowadays there are thousands of friends on social media, there is a big lack of those friends, with whom we can share our daily problems. There are many people like that in our society who doesn’t want to participate in any function house. Be it family functions or office parties, those people always avoid this. And it directly affects the brain. Various researches say that, people who spend time with his close friends are better happier and more effective than others. Their memory power is also better than others.

Watching/Reading Too Much Negative News

It is one of most vital cause of the Causes of brain damage. Avoid watching too much negative news. This negative news affects the mind. And it once affected the body and brain, causing lasting damage.


From today’s article’s we learned about the Causes of brain damage. And from now we will try to avoid these causes to keep our brain healthy. Besides, we will tell about these bad habits and the dangerous effects on our family members, friends, and neighbors. Will talk about another article, till then stay healthy.

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