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10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Constipation

Ways to Get Rid of Constipation

Constipation is a very painful and long term disease. Today we will know about the 10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.

Ways to Get Rid of Constipation 

By removing the causes of constipation, it is very easy to get rid of this situation. Here are the most crucial home remedies to treat constipation or Ways to Get Rid of Constipation mentioned below. 

Increase the Amount of Fiber in the Food List

Increase the Amount of Fiber in the Food List

It is one of the vital ways among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. Eat foods that have enough fiber. Eat more red flour, red rice and more green vegetables, fruits, pulses, whole grains etc. To avoid constipation, nutritionists recommend taking at least 30 grams fiber per day. But the quantity of fiber in the diet list should not be added casually. 

Because casually adding the quantity of fiber in the food list can be the cause of flatulence. Besides, different problems can be gathered along with flatulence and drastic pain in the lower abdomen. Therefore, the amount of fiber in the diet should be increased gradually. 

If you ate just one fruit yesterday, decide to eat two today. Eat some nuts with it. You can begin to consume salad by cutting cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes with rice, If you are not interested in eating cooked vegetables.

Drink Sufficient Water a Day

If you are conscious about the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation, then you will know the requirement of water for constipation. Water helps relieve constipation by softening the stool. Also, fibrous foods absorb a lot of water. Therefore, along with increasing fiber in the diet, the amount of water should also be increased. Constipation usually resolves within a few days with adequate fiber and water intake.

Lack of drinking sufficient water along with fiber blocks the lining of the esophagus inside the abdomen. You may have to go to hospital in such a bad situation urgently. If you want to avoid this bad situation then you have to consume at least 2 liters of water every day.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is also one of the most crucial ways among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. Regular exercise or light exercise should be done. Staying active physically assists to make the stool tender. Try to do some physical exercise or workout per day.

If you are at the age of 19 to 64, then you should do two and half hours of moderate physical exercise or workout in a week, like cycling and brisk walking. But, If you want to do some more laborious exercise or workout, you can do things such as swimming, jumping, rope, playing football, and running. In case of laborious exercise try to do 75 to 90 minutes a week.

Exercise does not have to be a choice between vigorous exercise and daily running. Walking, light stretching, yoga, etc. can be chosen to keep the body moving. Research has said that light exercise like walking also plays a fruitful role in decreasing constipation.

If you are not able to do any kind of exercise then try to walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes in a day. You can start small if necessary. Start with one walk, then two walks in the morning and evening. At first walk like this three days a week and gradually bring it to five days. 

Then gradually increase the time. It will prevent constipation to some extent. If you want to build a regular running habit, follow the 9-Week Running Habit Guide. Moral of these we have to be more conscious about the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.

The Toilet Velocity Cannot Actually be Contained

Constipation becomes serious if the stool is held. This can lead to various health problems including piles and anal fissures or gauge disease. So the toilet velocity should actually go to the toilet as fast as possible. For those with constipation, the best way to have a bowel movement is to sit on a pan or low commode. And, it is most crucial ways among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.

So if possible you can use the low commode. And if you have to use a high commode, you can sit with a small tool under the legs, so that the knees are above the two waists. It will make bowel movements easier. We have attached a picture below for ease of understanding.

Measures Should be Taken to Improve Mental Health

This is also an important way among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. You can do something similar to perceive better in your mind, like go for a stroll, praying, listening music, or enjoying quality time with family members or loved ones. If you are in depression or have been feeling anxiety, then you should consult a doctor or an expert and take medication. Constipation will gradually improve as your mental state improves. 

Consciousness About the Side Effects of the Medicine

Consciousness About the Side Effects of the Medicine

Being conscious of the possible side effects of medicines is pivotal while dealing with constipation. Several medications, like some particular painkillers, particular antidepressants, and antacids, can give to intestine asymmetry. It is also one of the most important way of among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.

Opioid ache medicines, in specific, are infamous for bringing about constipation. It is crucial to read medication stickers, to understand feasible side effects, and take counsel from healthcare experts, if you are suffering constipation.

They can substitute or recommend supplementary strategies to direct medication to persuade constipation, such as modify dosage,  switching the incorporating way of  life, or suggesting particular treatments to control digestive health when successfully managing the fundamental medical situation. If you are aware about the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation, then you will know about this vital ways.

 Magnesium Supplements:

Magnesium supplements can be a beneficial solution for constipation and also be a most fruitful ways among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. Magnesium works as a natural osmotic cathartic, pulling water into the guts and liquefy or softening the stool, making it facile to release.

This mineral also helps relax the muscles in the intestinal walls, promoting smoother bowel movements. However, it’s crucial to use magnesium supplements cautiously and under the guidance of a healthcare professional, as excessive intake may lead to side effects.

 Tailoring the dosage to individual needs ensures a safe and effective approach to relieving constipation while addressing any underlying magnesium deficiencies that might contribute to digestive issues.

Warm Water with Lemon:

Warm Water with Lemon

Drinking war water with lemon is the best ways among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. Starting your day with warm water with lemon is a natural remedy that can aid in relieving constipation. The warmth of the water helps stimulate the digestive system, while the citrusy properties of lemon encourage the liver to produce bile, aiding in smoother bowel movements. 

Additionally, the high vitamin C content in lemon may soften the stool. This simple yet effective routine can be a gentle and refreshing way to kickstart your metabolism and promote regularity. 

It’s important to note that individual responses may vary, and consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable for persistent or severe constipation issues. For above mentioned reasons we have to be conscious about those Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.

Establish Regular Toilet Habits:

Establishing regular toilet habits is a fundamental strategy in preventing and alleviating constipation. Consistency in the timing of bowel movements helps regulate the body’s natural digestive rhythms, optimizing the efficiency of waste elimination. Aim to designate a specific time each day for a visit to the toilet, preferably after meals when the gastroscopic reflex is most active. 

This reflex stimulates contractions in the colon, facilitating the movement of stool through the intestines. Creating a routine around toileting not only trains the body to expect and respond to the call of nature but also encourages a healthy and predictable digestive cycle. Moreover, take your time during these moments, allowing for a relaxed and unhurried experience. 

Stress and torment can lead you to constipation, and a quiet surrounding improves good muscle operation in the digestive spread. By integrating this easy but fruitful habit into your daily chart, you can furnish the entire health or well-being of your digestive structure, enhancing regular intestine movements and decreasing the probability of constipation connected discomfort.

Keep in mind that individual intestine habits may change, so obey your body’s signals and construct  adjustments to your procedure as required. If constipation persists, consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and advice. So, knowing about the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation is essential for these crucial ways.

Castor Oil:

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a traditional medication for constipation that acts by liquefying the bowels and enhancing intestine activity. For that vital reason it is a most crucial way among the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation.  Its effectiveness is attributed to ricin oleic acid, which stimulates intestinal contractions and softens the stool. However, it should be utilized carefully for the reason of its effectiveness for bringing about cramps and dehydration. A little quantity is common enough, and it’s better to take on while your stomach is empty.

This is very important to consult with a healthcare specialist or expert before using castor oil, particularly for persons with underlying health situations or those who are consuming different medications, as they may be additionally able to adverse impacts.


We have known about the Ways to Get Rid of Constipation. To alleviate constipation, incorporating fiber-rich foods, staying hydrated, and regular exercise are fundamental. Prune juice, herbal teas, and warm water with lemon can provide natural relief. Probiotics and magnesium supplements aid in digestive health, while establishing a consistent toilet routine promotes regular bowel movements. Castor oil, though effective, requires caution. Awareness of medication side effects is essential. Balancing these strategies tailored to individual needs fosters a holistic approach to relieve constipation and maintain optimal digestive well-being. Persistent issues should prompt consultation with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and potential underlying health assessments.

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