Causes of Liver Damage

9 Dangerous Causes of Liver Damage & Responsible Foods

9 Dangerous Causes of Liver Damage & Responsible Foods

There are a number of causes of liver damage. But will discuss 9 most dangerous Causes of Liver Damage and responsible foods also.

Causes of Liver Damage

Causes of Liver Damage (1)

We know that the liver is a vital organ in the human body. The function of the liver is sprucing out the destructive toxins assembled in the body. But if the activity of the liver is damaged, then the liver can’t spruce out the destructive toxins from the body, as a result all the harmful toxins assembled in the body. And for these reasons , various organs of the body start to fail one after another. So this is a very  crucial subject to keep the liver healthy and also we have to be more conscious about Causes of Liver Damage, if we want to keep the body well-being. But some of our habits cause various problems in the liver.

Habit of Eating Late Breakfast in the Morning:

Habit of Eating Late Breakfast in the Morning

Habit of  eating late breakfast in the morning is one of the most critical Causes of Liver Damage. The habit of late eating for a long period of time after waking up in the morning is ruinous for the liver. If these bad habits take place for a long time, the liver will be damaged.

Retention of Urine:

After waking up in the morning, many people have a bad habit of sleeping while holding their urine due to constipation. This bad habit is more dangerous for the liver’s well-being.

Late to Bed and Late to Rise:

Late to Bed and Late to Rise

Delay going to bed  and waking up late both habits are destructive to the human body. Due to these bad habits, various types of digestive problems can arise. It has a very bad health impact on the body and the liver. This bad habit is very common nowadays and it is a most harmful habit among Causes of Liver Damage.

Habit of Overeating:

Eating and drinking frequently can also be a risky Causes of Liver Damage. We know that nothing is excessively good. Just like that, If the favorite food is taking in excess daily, it puts pressure on the liver. As a result, the liver is slowly damaged. This bad habit can be considered in the top 3 among Causes of Liver Damage.

Due to Drug Overdose: 

Due to Drug Overdose

Many of the time the liver can damage due to drug overdose, specially drugs that are used to relieve pain. Nowadays, It’s common that we take painkillers to reduce pain. But if this painkiller drug is taken for a long time, then it can cause critical damage of the liver.

Eating Foods with rich of Preservative and Sugar:

Any kind of food which is rich in chemicals is terribly harmful to the liver. But there are a huge number of people, grow the habit of eating preservatives and sugar for alchemy and mouth taste. And this is one of the vital factors that damage the liver or Causes of Liver Damage

Eating Oily Foods:

Excess oily food or bad oil are too destructive for the liver. Eating oily foods regularly can damage your liver or liver activity. Because of these, the liver loses its normal activities. This habit is also considered in the top 3 among Causes of Liver Damage. Because, nowadays almost all families use oil to cook or prepare foods.

Eating too much Raw food:

Many people like to eat raw fruits or vegetables. But eating too much raw food is ruinous for the liver. If you eat excess raw fruits or vegetables, then the digestive function has to work excessively hard to digest them. And these also impact the liver. So it is not healthy to eat excess raw food.

Addiction of Alcohol:

Addiction of Alcohol

Limitless or Excessive drinking is another vital Causes of Liver Damage. Harmful elements of alcohol cause a lot of harm to the liver. This propensity is noticed more among the people of the elite class of the society.

Foods that Damage the Liver

Foods that Damage the Liver

Alcohol or drinking can seriously damage the liver. Misuse of alcohol can result in inflammatory fibrosis and critical liver cell damage. Drinking excessive alcohol is one of the crucial reasons for liver cirrhosis.

To maintain or develop a healthy liver, it is very essential to avoid consumption of excessive alcohol.

Maximum percent people think that drinking is the only thing that damages the liver. But the thinking is wrong. Rather, there are various kinds of foods that can destroy the liver if consumed regularly. So to be conscious about food is essential for everybody. It is better to avoid harmful foods.

Consumption of excess sugar or sweet foods can cause liver damage. Simply we can say that, consumption of excess sugary food damages the liver. Directly eating sugar is more bad for the liver.

Sugary foods, like sweets, candies, cookies, cakes, soft drinks, and pastries can harm the liver if taken regularly.

It is superior to consume less of any food which is made from flour. It is low in minerals, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Processed foods such as flour bread,  pizza, biscuits, and bread are harmful for your health.

A large number of among us are fond of consuming fast food, but it is risky for our health. These types of foods cannot be digested easily and create pressure on the digestive activities. And these affect the liver directly. Consuming these types of foods frequently can lead to liver fatty.

Red meat is known as a big source of protein, because it contains a large amount of protein. And it is very tuff to break down the large amount of protein for the liver. So excessive consumption of red meat is also harmful for health and well-being.



From this article we have learned about the key Causes of Liver Damage and few foods that are straightly responsible for liver damage. So we will always be conscious of those reasons. Besides, We will try to ignore those foods which are liable for liver damage. Thanks, I will talk again on another subject in another article. Until then take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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